Not Reconciled wins A Special Mention by the Jury at the Festival de cine De Granada.

The Last Happy Day and Not Reconciled : Two Films About History and Memory.
Showtime: Saturday, April 24, 5:15 pm, Athena Cinema Films shown in this competition show:The Last Happy Day Director: Lynne Sachs 38 min. U.S.A.During WWII, the US Army Graves Registration Service hired the filmmaker’s Hungarian cousin, Dr. Sandor Lenard, to reconstruct the bones — small and large — of dead American soldiers. This half-hour experimental documentary work, which resonates as an anti-war meditation, is composed of excerpts of Sandor’s letters to Sachs’ family, abstracted war imagery, home movies of children at a birthday party, and interviews.

Not Reconciled Director: Jill Daniels 40 min. United Kingdom. Throughout Spain there are many unmarked mass graves full of victims of executions during the civil war and after. Rosa and Carlos, the voices of ghosts of young Spanish civil war republicans, roam the ruins of Belchite in Northern Spain, waiting for the discovery of their own unmarked graves.