Lost inGainesville

2007 – 94 mins

“I’ve changed a lot too. Except the only thing is I don’t forget where I come from. I still admit I speak Spanish, I still tell people I’m 100% Mexican, because I was born there.”

Hector was eight when his father brought him to Gainesville, in the heart of the American south. Olga was twelve when her father swam the Rio Grande with her on his back. Thomas was sixteen when his mother put him on a bus alone, with a bag of tacos for the 2000 mile journey. ‘Lost in Gainesville’ retraces their journey, as they tell their stories of growing up amongst lost hopes and dreams, in a town where work has dried up, where fascists march against them and where rich whites live out lives of faded glory.

A unique portrait of the small town American south, divided by race and class.

“Just how much of a gain there is for the Mexican diaspora in moving to Gainesville is nicely explored in this well observed documentary.” Mike Wayne