Jill Daniels

Jill Daniels is an experimental documentary filmmaker based in London. Her films explore themes of exile and memory, identity and place and, more recently, autobiography. She has been making films for over twenty five years. Her films have been shown throughout the world and she has won numerous international awards.

She teaches filmmaking at the University of East London.

Filming the Personal’, CCA, Glasgow – 11th February 2017

My film My Private Life II (2015) will be featured in a programme of films ‘Filming the Personal’ at CCA in Glasgow, co-curated by Sally Waterman and me. The programme was originally screened at Close-Up cinema in Shoreditch, London last April. Sally and I are taking part in a Q&A afterwards and we will be joined by filmmaker Duncan Cowles.

rifabanner-nologo-fadeJill’s last film, Private Life II, as been nominated for the Innovation Award at BAFTA.